Rosetta Park (Rosetta Place Park) – Rosetta Ave. and Evergreen Dr.

Rosetta Park (or Rosetta Place, as the sign says), is a nice little neighborhood park; in fact, it’s in my old neighborhood.  When I lived nearby it was just a field, and after that a dog park, but now it is a nice little neighborhood park.,+Eugene,+OR+97404/@44.0833996,-123.1271815,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x54c11d90d0d28bc1:0x60107e20b8da9f40

20150620_114911 20150620_120007
This park is surrounded by a nice field.  Since it used to be a dog park, and is still frequented by dogs, you might want to watch out for dog droppings!  There are usually bags available, but maybe they ran out.
20150620_115157water fountain, picnic tables,  and bike racks too, but no bathroom.

One of my favorite parts of this park is the beautiful mosaic on a bench.  It’s these little touches that make Eugene’s parks beautiful and unique.


Since this is a newer park, the trees are young and don’t provide too much shade.  But we also like sitting on the benches under the play structure.


20150620_115034   20150620_121201

A metal merry-go-round, which is always nice, and a bouncy-style see-saw

20150620_115710 20150620_115117


Another view of the play-structure which has a neat little climby wall.  Two baby and regular swings.  Bark chips for the ground around the play-structure.


20150620_115211 20150620_115643


Here’s my dad in the little hut at the top of the play-structure.  It has a nice little bench.


It’s a little hard to separate the soft spot I have for this park from my opinion, but if I try, I guess the park is probably just OK.  It’s mostly surrounded by a road, not a busy one, but still the road feels very present.  This isn’t one of your “hidden away” or “private” parks.  Not worth going out of your way for, and pretty hot in the summer, but it’s a pleasant little place if you live nearby.



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