Irwin City Park – W. Irwin Way, off Barger


When I first headed west on Barger I turned down the first Irwin street I saw, which turned out to be E Irwin way.  Trust me, don’t do that, or you will park here…

crappy parking
crappy parking

It’s not terrible, but you’ll be missing out on this great, shaded, ample parking lot.

oooh, nice
oooh, nice

When you have kids in the car, you don’t want to park on the side of the road.

At Irwin, you will come to a nice little covered area.

20150718_102514 20150725_102110 20150718_102506and your drinking fountains and trash cans readily available.

I love the tiles in some Eugene parks.


I like that you can hang out in a covered area that is right next to the play structure!

20150725_102623lots of shady benches around too, this park has good shade.


A great climbing wall here

do it!
do it!

This play structure has a great tunnel, lots of bars for swinging, super slide and small slide, funny mirror, and a bouncy type, see-saw thing…

20150725_102312 20150725_102225 20150725_102358 20150725_102718 20150725_103234

Fun tunnel time!!!

20150725_103202 20150725_102337

Bouncer? See-saw? or both?

20150725_102537 20150725_102529

the standard two baby swing, two big kid swing set-up

20150725_102632 20150725_103458

Twice the dizzying possibilities of the standard Eugene park


There’s a lot to do in this park.  Did you bring a basketball or baseball?  There’s a basketball court and a baseball diamond.  Both are in pretty good shape.  The basketball hoop has a nice looking net and the baseball diamond seems to be pretty well-kept and smooth.
20150718_102404 20150718_102428 20150725_102140

Let’s take a walk beyond the basketball court, shall we?

20150718_102303 20150718_102300

nice little trail, benches, and field out here.

Let’s go the other way too, beyond the play structure.

a little bumble-bee, wildflower action.

20150725_111213 20150725_111827 20150725_111537 neat little bridge.
Found these discarded clothes by the bridge, not sure what it is, looked like someone just threw out a bunch of clothes (maybe stolen clothes that someone didn’t want?)  But mostly I was happy with the lack of debris and litter in the field area, it was very pleasant.


I think Irwin makes a nice park for a playdate.

Rosetta Park (Rosetta Place Park) – Rosetta Ave. and Evergreen Dr.

Rosetta Park (or Rosetta Place, as the sign says), is a nice little neighborhood park; in fact, it’s in my old neighborhood.  When I lived nearby it was just a field, and after that a dog park, but now it is a nice little neighborhood park.,+Eugene,+OR+97404/@44.0833996,-123.1271815,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x54c11d90d0d28bc1:0x60107e20b8da9f40

20150620_114911 20150620_120007
This park is surrounded by a nice field.  Since it used to be a dog park, and is still frequented by dogs, you might want to watch out for dog droppings!  There are usually bags available, but maybe they ran out.
20150620_115157water fountain, picnic tables,  and bike racks too, but no bathroom.

One of my favorite parts of this park is the beautiful mosaic on a bench.  It’s these little touches that make Eugene’s parks beautiful and unique.


Since this is a newer park, the trees are young and don’t provide too much shade.  But we also like sitting on the benches under the play structure.


20150620_115034   20150620_121201

A metal merry-go-round, which is always nice, and a bouncy-style see-saw

20150620_115710 20150620_115117


Another view of the play-structure which has a neat little climby wall.  Two baby and regular swings.  Bark chips for the ground around the play-structure.


20150620_115211 20150620_115643


Here’s my dad in the little hut at the top of the play-structure.  It has a nice little bench.


It’s a little hard to separate the soft spot I have for this park from my opinion, but if I try, I guess the park is probably just OK.  It’s mostly surrounded by a road, not a busy one, but still the road feels very present.  This isn’t one of your “hidden away” or “private” parks.  Not worth going out of your way for, and pretty hot in the summer, but it’s a pleasant little place if you live nearby.