Sladden Park – Cheshire Ave.

Sladden park is nestled right between the Willamette, I-105, and the railroad.  If you want to park by the playground, you’ll actually want to go down Adams. Here is a map.


This park has plentiful shade.  It has many very tall pine trees, reminiscent of Emerald park.  A lot of the trees have little seed pouches and things falling off them, that some of the kids complained had gotten stuff in their feet.  It’s a sandy park that’s a bit overgrown, so maybe not the best if your kids loves being barefoot.  But very pretty, just the same.

20150612_125313 20150612_125332

The play area stayed pretty shady, in fact, with the wind it was almost a bit chilly.

20150612_122536  nice old fashioned see-saw

20150612_122653 we love the “real” metal merry-go-rounds.

2 baby swings and 2 kid swings, side by side

20150612_125007 20150612_125603

An old wading pool made a fun place for the kids to run around.  Hopefully they’ll rehabilitate it someday and turn it into a little water fun park.


The bathrooms looked nice from what we could see, but unfortunately they are closed ’til October!
20150612_125152 20150612_125204 water fountains, at least.

Lots of field space to explore, picnic areas, and even frisbee golf!

20150612_124937 20150612_130414 tennis courts too!

Very sweet little park, I just love trees.  I wish they would weed the sand area, if they did that, it would be much better.


Awbrey Park – River Rd. and Sprink Creek Dr.


I like Awbrey park, and not just because it’s about 3 minutes from my house, although that is really nice.  It has an overall shady feel and it’s nice and quaint.

20150611_120117 a little bulletin board as you walk up.

20150611_120007   20150611_120142 put a blanket there!

two play structure areas with bark chip ground.

20150611_120018 I don’t know what this is, but we like it.

20150611_120212 some good swings, although mostly always in the sun (2 baby, 2 kid).


Looong slide and some science related play things by Game Time.

20150611_120303 here’s a close-up of the “log roll” complete with flattened beavers, lol.


Bathrooms yes, but port-a-potties They aren’t the ickiest, but they aren’t very clean either.  They are also frequently used for bathroom breaks by people who drive trucks: UPS, Sanipac, USPS, Street Sweepers.


Quite a few shaded barbeque pits and tables.

Now for an adventure.  Awbrey park has a large field and beyond that there are some little trails and treasures.


Here’s where we are going, a bit of a distance from the play area.


Watch out for poison oak, but at least it’s identified.  So, you can have a teachable moment about what Poison Oak looks like and why you don’t touch it.

20150611_125855  Horseshoe pit


A lovely little butterfly garden.  We saw three butterflies, but alas they didn’t stay still long enough for a picture.

20150611_130234  20150611_130220  20150611_130321

Bridge to some trails over a creek.

20150611_130304  20150611_130814 Log for climbing!

Now for an unpleasant opinion.  It’s Eugene, and yes there will be some sketchy behavior at parks.  Awbrey park does have it’s share of people who park in the parking lot and sit in their cars.  No kids or dogs along for the ride.  are they just taking a break from driving?  Are they doing something else?  At any rate, I don’t usually go to Awbrey park alone in the winter, when I am the only person there.

20150611_131350  some broken glass by our car, looks like a discarded pipe.

The only other downside I would add is that lots of people bring their dogs to the park, and not everyone picks up the dog poop.  So watch your step in that field!

Bethel Community Park – Hamilton Ave.


So, first thing I noticed was that this park has a parking lot.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a parking lot so you don’t have to park on the street with kids.  This is also a very large park, so there’s lots to do, but it may be hard to keep track of multiple kids.

It has this very nice shaded table area



And lots of shady trees close to park areas.

The park has two basic areas.  One area has a tall play structure with some unique Kompany gear and bark chips.  Behind the trees in the above picture and here:


The other area is all sand.  It has a play structure as well, that is lower to the ground.

20150609_114144   20150609_114203

It also has some water features


Plentiful baby swings and regular swings, but they aren’t next to each other.  So, if your baby and big kid want to swing at the same time, they won’t be next to each other.


Here is our favorite part: 2 excavators!!!  Turns out, kids will still find the one excavator that is “better” and fight over it, though. The blue one has a seat and the yellow one does not.  I’m glad that the yellow one doesn’t have a seat because when my son, Atticus, was younger, he used to almost fall off a similar excavator.  Without the seat, that isn’t a problem.  (He’s big enough to use the one with the seat now, as you can see).

20150609_114350  20150609_114428

This park does have bathrooms, but the kind without stalls.  So, less gross than an outhouse, but not so much privacy.  It also has a skate park.

20150609_114714  20150609_114024

So, in short, this park is great for lots of space and lots of unique play.  But, it’s not your quiet neighborhood park.  Let me know if you have any other questions about this park, and thanks for checking out my first post 🙂

Welcome to Eugene Park Guide!

I like to find new parks to explore, but the pictures on the parks website and google often leave a lot to be desired.  So, I wanted to create a way for caregivers to see what kind of park they’re taking their kids to before they go.  We’ll be uploading pictures of parks and our opinions all summer.  Thanks for stopping in!